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Monday, 28 October 2013 22:23

Building Boosts Are Up & Down

Australian governments have been courting first home buyers with financial incentives since the introduction of the GST in 2000. Recently, the NSW government shifted the focus to new home investment in a bid to increase the state’s housing stock, particularly in urban fringes. Ironically, the move comes just as other…
Monday, 28 October 2013 22:12

The Smart Money Is On You

By world standards, Australia is a wealthy nation. We have a strong economy with high employment and a far rosier outlook than most developed countries. And yet almost half (47 per cent) of us are anxious about our finances, according to research by the Boston Consulting Group.Finance guru Paul Clitheroe…
Monday, 28 October 2013 22:04

Invest For Success

While it’s hard to predict where the housing market will head beyond 2012, there are some clear signals that investing in property will remain a solid option for long-term wealth generation — and now is a great time to buy.One of the key factors to consider is the demand for…
Monday, 28 October 2013 21:37

Renovate Right

It’s been more than 25 years since Tom Hanks and Shelley Long showed us the calamitous side of renovating gone wrong in the comedy movie, The Money Pit, but the warnings ring loud and clear today. With a sluggish property market, many home owners are opting to renovate rather than…
Monday, 28 October 2013 21:25

To Switch Or Not To Switch

Mortgage holders may be reluctant to make moves in the property market right now, but plenty are interested in making moves with their home loan. The AFG Mortgage Index indicates more than 35% of loans taken out in September this year were due to refinancing. At the same time, a…
Monday, 28 October 2013 21:08

Boosting Rental Return

You’ve taken the plunge into the investment property pool and now have to find tenants. Although most rental markets throughout Australia remain tight, there’s still a need to put your property’s best foot forward to attract optimum returns.Here are some of the ways you can add value and ask for…
Monday, 28 October 2013 21:02

How To Be A Mortgage Master

1. Pretend rates are higherOne of the biggest mistakes mortgage-holders make is pocketing the savings from reduced interest rates. The problem is they’re usually spent, instead of being socked away. Try working to a tighter budget, where you make home loan repayments at the rate of 9% per annum.If, for…
Monday, 28 October 2013 20:41

Loan Lingo

VARIABLE LOAN: This is pretty much your stock standard principal and interest loan and still the most popular way for Australians to pay off their mortgage.Repayments are calculated so that over the term of the loan — usually 25 to 30 years — both the original amount borrowed (the principal)…
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